What We Do

We offer a high standard of aquatic veterinary support for the Chilean industry, reinforced by the most modern diagnostic laboratory in the country. All our results are delivered quickly, without compromising the quality, thanks to our automated processing systems.

Our flexibility and knowledge of the Chilean industry, allow fish farmers and their technical health advisors to respond quickly and timely to health challenges.


  • Veterinary Technical Assistance
  • Histology
  • Molecular Biology-PCR
  • Bacteriology
  • Cell Culture
  • Immunogenomics
  • Genetic Variability
  • Training


Frontline, first-opinion aquatic veterinary practice has been a central to our business since its inception over 20 years ago in Europe, and remains so today.

In Chile, our team of veterinarians with experience in fish production, scientific research and fieldwork, led by the Technical Department of Veterinary Services are available to support our customers in the various health issues and challenges presented. 

"Our difference is our strength, because we are part of a global network of experienced professionals and the technology we have at our disposal." CRISTHIAN ORTIZ, TECHNICAL MANAGER OF VETERINARY SERVICES


FishVet Group bring our clients strong focus on preventative health, having been involved in the development of the veterinary health planning (VHP) process for Atlantic salmon, which is mandatory for the aquaculture industry’s principle welfare and quality certification schemes such as RSPCA Assured, Global Gap and Label Rouge.

The size and flexibility of our team means our clinicians are able to provide rapid response when required. With our diagnostic histopathology, bacteriology and PCR service fully in-house, this brings our veterinary clients an integrated approach capable of interpreting and discussing the significance of diagnostic results based on detailed knowledge of the farms.

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Our focus is always to provide our clients with practical guides guidance and constant support.
We offer a different solution

Routine preventive health

Regular assessment of fish health is important to farm productivity. We are excellently placed to provide farm specific routine disease screening programs, to aid you in your decision making.

All your data is accessible at your finger tips on our secure online portal and historical results — including histopathology samples.

Service and quick response

Emergencies can occur on even the highest health farms. We offer 48 hour turnaround times on histology samples and 6 hours on qRT-PCR samples once received into our laboratory.

We have already provided sample results that have curbed disease outbreaks, limited mortality and altered management strategies.


Our expertise and knowledge of salmon diseases is extensive, yet not exclusive. Our team is interested in sharing his health knowledge in other aquaculture species begin to grow in Chile.

Our unique knowledge of fish microanatomy and physiology allows us to interpret samples not only from multiple species, but also to spot new and emerging diseases.

Ordering process

We are committed to excellent customer care and requesting analysis of your samples in our laboratory couldn’t be easier.

Our team of experts are always available to be contacted by telephone, via email or to meet with, to provide further information and support in case assessment where necessary.

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