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Who We Are

In the city of Puerto Montt, FishVet Group has built a 1,200m2 laboratory with the highest standards of biosecurity. It has been designed focusing on quality, efficiency, capacity and minimizing contamination risk. Our laboratory meets all local government requirements for analyses conducted for the Chilean salmon industry.

FishVet Group Chile is part of the wider FishVet group global team - the largest aquaculture health provider in the world. Our global team has expert first-hand knowledge of emerging health issues in their unique regions. 

Fvg Chile Staff
We use our global expertise to bring local, practical and holistic solutions to our customers.

We are at the forefront of diseases diagnosis in fish and other aquatic species. We implemented the first workflow for qRT-PCR on the continent, placing Chile among the most advanced countries for detection platforms and research.

Supported with a semi-automated system for histological analysis and digital imaging, we can review cases in real time. Our histopathologists in Chile are connected to a network of 22 histopathologists globally.

All our results are reported quickly without compromising on quality. Our rapidly available and reliable results allow fish farmers and their health advisors to respond quickly to disease challenges and make educated management changes.

"FishVet Group is a laboratory implemented with the latest technology and a group of recognized professionals globally; enabling our customers to access at all times a network of professionals with the highest wealth of knowledge in many aquatic species, thus obtaining an international technical support that nobody else can provide." HERNAN PIZARRO, DIRECTOR
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With operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, North America, Thailand and Brazil, our FishVet Group Chile team are part of a growing global network.

Our team of veterinarians, diagnosticians, biologists and parasitologists are some of the most experienced health professionals working in the aquaculture industry worldwide. 

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